Hello and nice to meet you :) -  My name is Marieke Macklon and I am a full time freelance photographer, videographer, retoucher, director and studio owner based between London and Liverpool.

I am heavily inspired by the music, cinematography and fashion of the 1960s and 70's,  which I portray regularly in my work, by using a lot of variation of light, composition and colour. 

Since 2009 I've been professionally photographing bands in small music venues to on-stage in front of tens of thousands of people at a festival, then from snapping artists press shots to their album covers and capturing special backstage/on-stage moments on photo to directing/producing their music videos. 

Since 2018, I lead and direct the official Green Man Photo Team and make the photo team selections alongside my colleague and Green Man's Marketing Manager  Adam. I organise the photo schedule, design strategic shoot plans, pre-plan everyone's shot list, working alongside the PR team to insure the requested content is being pushed and published on time and much more. 

I run a photo, video and creative space studio in Liverpool called Creative Street Studio Ltd. 

To book yourself a slot, please click here to head over to our website and to follow our instagram click here!

For references, please drop me an email. 

If you wish to book me or to enquire for more information,  please get in touch via macklonphoto@gmail.com ,  give me a buzz on +44 (0) 7427035976 or drop me a direct message over on my instagram @mariekemacklon and we can start talking about your ideas and projects!

Catch you on the flip side :) 

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