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 My name is Marieke Macklon and I am a full time freelance video director,  photographer, dop and studio owner based between London and Liverpool.

I am heavily inspired by the music, cinematography and fashion of the 1960s and 70's,  which I portray regularly in my work, by using a lot of variation of light, textures, styles, composition and colour. 

Since 2009 I've been professionally photographing bands in small music venues to on-stage in front of tens of thousands of people at a festival, then from snapping artists press shots to their album covers and capturing special backstage/on-stage moments  to directing/film/producing their music videos. 

Since 2018, I lead and direct the official Green Man Photo Team and make the photo team selections alongside my colleague and Green Man's Marketing Manager  Adam. I organise the photo schedule, design strategic shoot plans, pre-plan everyone's shot list, working alongside the PR team to insure the requested content is being pushed and published on time and much more. 

I own a photo, video and creative space studio in Liverpool called Creative Street Studio Ltd. 

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Hope to work with you soon! :) 

See below for Clientele (For references, drop me an email - macklonphoto@gmail.com)

Born and Raised

Born in Glasgow, Scotland on the 24th of January 1994. Moved to The Netherlands, where I spent most of my childhood and early teens.

First Paid  Photo Gig

All Time Low in 2009 at the Melkweg in Amsterdam

First Music Video

In 2018 I directed the video Single Player Mode by Litany  

Highlight Job

I got the chance to photograph Bob Dylan and Neil Young live in 2019. Which was the most pinch-me moment as a photographer.

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