Marieke Macklon

Photographer • Videographer • Video Director

Inspired by the music, cinematography and fashion of the 1960s and 70's, I regularly use those influences in my work. 

I started by photographing bands in small music venues since 2009 to on-stage in front of tens of thousands of people at a festival, then from snapping artists press shots to their album covers and capturing special backstage and on-stage moments on photo and video. 

As well as capturing behind the scenes of music videos, I also direct and do DoP work as well as filming show reel scenes for actors.

I've also written a screenplay called 'Cairngorms', which will start its film production this summer,  that I'll be directing. 

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Since 2018, I lead and direct the official Green Man Photo Team and make the photo team selections alongside my colleague and Green Man's Marketing Manager  Adam. I organise the photo schedule, design strategic shoot plans, pre-plan everyone's shot list, working alongside the PR team to insure the requested content is being pushed and published on time and much more. 

For reference, please email. 

• Founder of Creative Street - @creativestreetliverpool

• Content Producer, Head Photographer and Photography Coordinator at The Zanzibar Club

For work enquiries/bookings please get in touch via or give me a buzz on +44 (0) 7427035976

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Cairngorms - Independent UK Film

This Summer I will begin production on Cairngorms. A short film written, produced and directed by myself. This film focuses on grief, loss, friendship, childhood and love. Keep a close eye on the @cairngroms_film instagram, where I'll be posting updates of the movie making process.

Whilst Cairngorms is in pre-production, I've set up a Gofundme page, to help fund the production come time to shoot. If you are a supporter of the arts, please consider making a contribution to the film so we are able to enter into film festivals, and help reach as many people as possible. Thank you.


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